Julius Kingsley wielding the Imperial Scepter

The Imperial Scepter was a symbolic ornamental wand that acted as a physical representation of the Britannian emperor's authority. To wield it meant that an individual had been bestowed such authority by the emperor himself and thereafter, as long as the scepter was held, that individual become an extension of the emperor.


The scepter was gold, with a white handle that spiraled in either direction. The head was in the form of a spear with four additional spikes. Underneath on opposite sides were the heads of a lion and snake, the same animals found on the Britannian flag. 


The only known appearance of the scepter was when it was wielded by Julius Kingsley in Euro-Britannia. It was escorted by Knight of Seven Suzaku Kururugi in an armored case to Caesar's Palace in St. Petersburg. When Michael Augustus demanded Julius kneel before Archduke Augusta Velaines, Julius proclaimed that if anyone should be kneeling, it should be the Euro-Britannians, pointing the secpter at them. It seems to have been well known enough that Augustus and Velaines recognized it on sight. With scepter in hand, Julius declared that all eastern front operational planning for Euro Britannia's military was under his control and that "[his] word [was] law." Thereafter, Julius carries it on his hip at all times. It is present when Julius initiates his ARC Fleet Plan. When Velaines refuses to mobilize against civilians, Julius points the scepter at him and accuses him of treason. Gaudefroy du Villon grabs him, but is kicked away by Suzaku, stating that he is essentially attacking the emperor.


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