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Hina is a japanese orphan that was close to the protagonist in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Lost Stories.



Character Outline[]

Mario & Hina (Lost Stories)

Hina's parents were killed during the Britannian invasion of Japan. She and some other orphans eventually settled in the Shinjuku ghetto. She became close to the protagonist who would regularly bring them food from the settlement.

Hina Origami (Lost Stories)

Hina giving the protagonist an origami crane.

At some point in the past, she gave the protagonist a paper crane she made, but told him not to open it to read what was inside. The inside of the crane contained the phrase "I love you big brother/big sister".

Character History[]

Hina's Death (Lost Stories)

Hina's death.

During Clovis's attack on Shinjuku, she is killed by a falling rubble right in front of the protagonist. Upon her death her soul would merge with Leena Dōmeki who was Anone.


Hina was very close to the protagonist, affections calling them "Big Brother"/"Big Sister". In C's World where they would reunite, Hina doesn't blame them for their death and encourage them to keep on living.