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The High Eunuchs (大宦官, Daikangan) are a group of eight men who use the Empress' power to control the Chinese Federation, leaving its people poor and starving while they live in opulence. All eight are executed for lèse majesté against the Empress by Li Xingke, though not all at the same time.

Lelouch Command - R2 Episode 02 - Gao Hai

Gao Hai under the influence of Geass

The first Eunuch introduced is Gao Hai, (高亥 ガオ・ハイ), a pale-skinned and young-looking man who is sent as the Federation's consul to Area 11. Under the influence of Lelouch's Geass, he grants asylum to the Black Knights within the grounds of the Federation's consulate. Li Xingke executes him when he claims Zero is more important than the Empress.[1]

The other seven are introduced after the Black Knights are exiled, plotting to give up much of the Federation's territory to Britannia in exchange for being made nobles. They are Zhao Hao (趙皓 ジャオ・ハオウ, Jao Haou), the only overweight member and the only one with a unique skin-tone; Xia Wang (夏望 シャ・ワン, Sha Wan), a tall man with light-brown skin that wears glasses; Cheng Zhong (程忠 チェン・ジョン, Chen Jon), a short, older-looking man with a shrill voice; Xiang Sheng (項勝 シャン・シェン, Shan Shen), another pale-skinned man somewhat shorter than Gao Hai but apparently around the same age; Cai Lishi, (蔡力士 サイ・リ・シ, Sai Ri Shi), a shorter man with light-brown skin and a few wrinkles; Tong Lun (童倫 トン・ルン, Ton Run), a man around the same height as Xia Wang but with paler skin; and Huang Qian (黄遷 フアン・シェン, Huan Shen), the oldest of the group with a prominent chin and many wrinkles. They attempt to kill the current Tianzi and install a puppet Emperor in her place after her kidnapping by Zero, but they are tricked into admitting their deception to the public, causing a civilian uprising. Once they are abandoned by the Britannians for losing the faith of their people, Xingke executes them for treason.


Leader/Member Image
Gao Hai (Member) - (Deceased) Lelouch Command - R2 Episode 02 - Gao Hai
Zhao Hao (Member) - (Deceased) High Eunuch - Zhao Hao
Xia Wang (Member) - (Deceased) High Eunuch - Xia Wang
Cheng Zhong (Member) - (Deceased) High Eunuch - Cheng Zhong
Xiang Sheng (Member) - (Deceased) High Eunchs
Cai Lishi (Member) - (Deceased) High Eunchs
Tong Lun (Member) - (Deceased) High Eunchs
Huang Qian (Member) - (Deceased) High Eunchs


  • They are based on the 12 Eunuchs that were responsible for the downfall of the Han dynasty before the era of the Three Kingdoms in ancient China. Each of them shares a similar name to the historical influential eunuchs: Zhao Gao, Cai Lun, the aforementioned attendants, Huang Hao, Gao Lishi, Tong Guan.