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Henry VI of England

Henry VI of England is a historical figure that appear in Nightmare of Nunnally as a leader of the English Faction during the Hundred Years' War.

for more information see: Henry VI of England

Character Appearance[]

Henry VI only appeared in two panels in Nightmare of Nunnally and had no speaking role as he let Lord John to handle the matter In the manga he is portrayed as a child and not as an adult.


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Henry VI died while holding a goblet probably to implied the readers that he was poisoned.

In the Manga C.C. offered her allegiance to Henry VI, saying that the only way to defeat Jeanne the Witch was to use the power of Eden Vital. The King accepted her offer and let C.C. have her revenge against Jeanne, resulting in Jeanne's capture and execution. He was later found dead in the Tower of London, apparently poisoned, and replaced by Edward IV as King. This represents a Point of Divergence (POD) between real history and the Nightmare of Nunnally timeline, as the real Henry VI was found dead inside the Tower on the night of May 21, 1471, aged 49. His murder in this case must have taken place between 1431 (the year Jeanne was executed) and 1437 (when the historical Henry VI was declared of age at 15). This raises a question as to the identity of the Edward IV who replaced him, as Edward of York would not be born until 1442, while Henry's historical son Edward of Westminister, born in 1453, would never exist. This is a major POD, though it does not eliminate the possibility of Henry Tudor gaining the throne at some point (thus leading to the reign of Elizabeth I).


Not much it's known about his personality other than C.C. she seems to hold him very dear and she is shocked after hearing his death from Lord John, C.C. screaming "Your Majesty" over and over again while she is being burned alive in the same manner as Jeanne.


  • A scene where Henry VI has been murdered is similar to William Shakespeare play Henry VI where William Shakespeare accuses Richard of Gloucester to be the culprit behind his murder.
  • C.C. addresses Henry VI as the true ruler of England and France.