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The Guren Type Special (紅蓮特式), codenamed "Kaen Kohai", is the successor to the Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements that appears in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection.

Design & Development[]

A machine redesigned in a style that also takes into account supplying, retaining the high mobility and special weapons that are the merits of the Guren type. Because the Guren type was originally developed for the Japanese Resistance's guerrilla activities, it was designed to be able to operate even in an environment with insufficient supplies. Since the Type Special, the newest Guren which now is the Black Knights' flagship machine, was developed assuming operation in an environment where sufficient supply can be received, its energy consumption is about 10% higher than the previous model.

It adopts the Hisho Kasso Yoku Kai, succeeding in creating an external unit for the Energy Wing System, which is the defining feature of 9th-Generation Knightmares. The machine can be fully covered in a Radiation Barrier; therefore, a significant improvement in mobility and defense can be observed.


High mechanical racing driving wheels that are equipped to the rear of the legs.

High efficiency sensors that provide environmental information of the machine's surroundings to the pilot that are equipped in the head.

A modified version of the Air Glide System that acts as an external unit for the Guren's Energy Wing System. It is made for excellent convenience of retrofitting and maintenance.

  • Cockpit

The machine is controlled in a motorcycle-like straddle position.

A huge KGF-like weapon platform for the Type Special. It is meant for both aerial and ground combat with its Energy Wings and legs. It's armed with a Radiation Wave Mechanism as its right arm that can perform long range and wide area attacks in addition to a knife for melee combat that's stored in the left forearm armor. The Composite Guidance Hien Sougas can still be used while in this state.


Its base can be flexibly deployed and a function to change the trajectory of the Harken itself has been provided. 2 are equipped on the torso.

The greatest feature of the Guren type, equipped as its right arm, has had its Radiation Wave convergence further increased in power. It has become possible to use it as a Radiation Rotating Ramming Defensive Barrier, rotating the arm claw and surrounding it in a Radiation Wave, producing a sort of drill similar to the Percival's Particle Drill Lance.

The Guren Special's handheld knife, fitted with MVS capability.

Operational History[]

It was delivered to Zilkhstan via aerial transport and then used in conjunction with its Frame Coat to lay destruction to the hopeless enemy KMF division stationed in the desert. The massacre only ended when time was reset and Kallen was continuously caught in an ambush by Bitool piloting his Batalalan Du and commanding a squad of Ghedo Vakkas. Unfortunately, Kallen kept getting locked by the Batalalan Du's Electromagnetic Field and was forced to purge the Frame Coat to fight with more mobility. Their fight lasted for hours and Kallen finally defeated Bitool only when she went into close combat by deflecting the tail beam and slashing through the Du's cockpit with its MVS Nanto Zanto.



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