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The Gun Du Goon is a Knightmare Frame operated by Zilkhstan. It is piloted by Generalissimo Bolvona Forgnar. As a specialized unit piloted by Bolvona, it possess exceptional capabilities even managing to go up against Cornelia's Quinn Roses Model-Z, but only for a moment until the General gave the order to his troops to destroy their respective units, only to be denied by his soldiers.

Design and Specifications[]

Gun Du Goon

Gun Du Goon

Gun Du Goon is a Knightmare Frame operated by Bolvona Forgnar and was painted in his titular color of "Brown Bulwark."

The Knightmare Frame possesses two shoulder mounted shields for defense and two claws for close combat. It possesses a handheld pistol as a main armament, with two elbow mounted machine guns for secondary armaments. The Gun Du Goon, however, lacks a Landspinner Propulsion System, severely limiting the Knightmare Frame's traversal and deployment capabilities.

Due to the Knightmare Frame's lack of heavy weaponry, slow speed, bulky frame and the addition of heavy shields, the Gun Du Goon is a KMF more suited for defense or for the rear line. Most likely, this was the intended role of the unit, as Bolvona is not an exceptional Knightmare pilot and instead more of a strategist, like Lelouch. The deployment of the Gun Du Goon behind a line of Ghedo Vakkas during the battle of Gralbahd only serves to reinforce the claim that this unit is not a frontline unit. Most likely, it was intended to serve in conjunction with the Ghedo Vakka.

Operational History[]

The Gun Du Goon only have a brief appearance during the final battle and was quickly dispatched by Cornelia during the Battle of Gralbahd.

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