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The Gloucester Swordsman (グロースター・ソードマン, Gurōsutā Sōdoman) is variation of the Gloucester used by knights of Euro Britannia.

Design and Specifications[]

The Gloucester Swordsman is modified version of the base machine oriented around close combat and fighting against other Knightmare. While the standard jousting lance can still be equipped, the primary weapon used by these variants is a pair of Heat Swords. While thy are primarily given to squad leaders, it can also be given to entire teams like the Asura Team.

Each Knight Order of Euro Britannia is shown to have Gloucester Swordsman units amongst its ranks, with each sporting the order's unique color scheme. The Knights of St. Raphael Gloucesters are silver and blue/purple, while the Knights of St. Michael's are silver and red, St. Uriel's are silver and brown, and St. Gabriel's are silver and Green. Furthermore, the Asura Strike Team are shown to have their own custom Gloucester Swordsman machines, with their leader Ashley Ashra using a uniquely customized red Gloucester Swordsman. It is also shown that the 3 Swordmasters of a Knight order use the Swordsman as their primary Knightmare Frame, as seen with the Knights of St. Michael Swordmasters having their representative colors on their units.

Operational History[]


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