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The Gloucester Glinda (グロースター・グリンダ, Gurōsutā Gurinda) is a variant Gloucester unit from Code Geass: Oz the Reflection operated by the Glinda Knights.

Design and Specifications[]

A variant Knightmare for the Glinda Knights, originally customized for and piloted by Oldrin Zevon before she received the Lancelot Grail. The Gloucester Glinda is a Gloucester frame that has been modified for the Glinda Knights. Besides its lance and other regular Gloucester armaments, it is equipped with two powerful oscillating Maser Vibration Swords, but since using them consumes a lot of energy, it cannot be used in prolonged battles.

Eventually, the Gloucester Glinda was mass-produced and served as a commander machine of the Great Glinda Knights, used by those like General Schwarzer.

Operational History[]

Oldrin Zevon used her Gloucester Glinda in a simulation against the Black Knights. She engagedGuren Mk-II in combat and attempted to use her MVS, but this drained what remained of its battery.

It was later used against the Britannian terrorist group the Wings of Talleyrand while the Lancelot Grail was being repaired. It was destroyed in battle when the decoy team denoated a bomb to take out the base that they were occupying, though Oldrin managed to eject and escape in time.

After Marrybell became the Viceroy of Area 24 and the Glinda Knights were expanded, the Gloucester Glinda was mass-produced. General Schwarzer piloted one against the Star of Madrid and fought against the Amanecer.


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