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The Glaston Knights (グラストンナイツ, Gurasuton Naitsu) are an elite group of Knightmare Frame pilots originally under the command[1] of their adoptive father Andreas Darlton.[2]

Organization Outline[]

After his initial disappearance and resulting death they are led by Gilbert G.P. Guilford. They dress in identical red uniforms and wear visors resembling the faceplate on the Gloucester they originally piloted, which were specially equipped with missile launchers. They later switched to the newer Gareth models prior to the Black Knights' second attack on Japan.

Organization History[]

First Season[]

The Glaston knights are introduced in episode 21, having just arrived from the mainland, and are instrumental in defeating the Black Knights during their attempted rebellion in the first-season finale.

Second Season[]

In the second season, Alfred and Bart are killed during an attempted execution of the Black Knights captured during the rebellion; Bart's Gloucester is crushed by a G-1 Mobile Base, while Kallen kills Alfred. David and Edgar are killed during the second battle of Tokyo by Chiba (with assistance from Kallen) and Tohdoh respectively. Claudio escapes when the F.L.E.I.J.A. bomb detonated, making him the only surviving member. He is later seen aiding Cornelia's attack on Lelouch's forces after his death while the other resistance attack Marrybell's force after deciding how to deal with the two of them.

Leader and Members[]

Leader/Member Image
Andreas Darlton (Leader) - (Deceased) Andreas Darlton
Cornelia li Britannia (Leader) - (Former) Cornelia
Gilbert G.P. Guilford (Leader) - Following Andreas Darlton's Death Guilford
Alfred G. Darlton (Member) - (Deceased) Alfred G. Darlton
Bart L. Darlton (Member) - (Deceased) Bart L. Darlton
Claudio S. Darlton (Member) Claudio S. Darlton
David T. Darlton (Member) - (Deceased) David T. Darlton
Edgar N. Darlton (Member) - (Deceased) Edgar N. Darlton



  • Each member of the Glaston Knights' first name is successive within the Roman alphabet – Alfred, Bart, Claudio, and so on. If listed in alphabetical order, the middle initials of their full names are revealed to go on to spell out the word "Glaston" (excluding the vowels) – this may explain the origin of their squad name, the Glaston Knights.
  • "Glaston" may also refer to Glastonbury Tor, a hill located in southwestern Britain once believed to be the Isle of Avalon, the resting place of King Arthur.
  • Glaston Knights can be consider as Britannian counterpart of Four Holy Swords as the former is currently led by Gilbert G.P. Guilford, whose rival is Kyoshiro Tohdoh, who is the commander of the Four Holy Swords.
  • David as well as all leaders of Glaston Knights have been casted with Lelouch's Geass.


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