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The Glasgow (グラスゴー, Gurasugō) is a fourth-generation Knightmare Frame and the first mass-production model produced by the Holy Britannian Empire. It actively contributed to the successful invasion of Japan, providing an overwhelming tactical advantage over conventional combat vehicles.

Design and Specifications[]

Influenced by the success of the Ganymede prototype, the Holy Britannian Empire began researching the use of Knightmare Frames for use in military operations. The fruit of their labor was the RPI-11 Glasgow, the first combat-capable Knightmare. Building upon the foundation laid out by the Ganymede, the Glasgow relies upon its small, light weight frame and body armor, and the Landspinners for high-speed combat, allowing it to outflank ground forces such as tanks and APCs.

The Glasgow also introduces the Slash Harken, a wired projectile weapon that can double as a grappling hook, or be used to help the Knightmare descend from aerial transports safely, which becomes standard equipment in almost all Knightmare Frames in the future. The Glasgow's armaments also include an Assault Rifle with built-in grenade launcher, a Giant Cannon rocket launcher, and elbow-mounted Tonfas. It is these weapons, along with many others, that would become standard equipment for most mass production Knightmare Frames during the later years.

Operational History[]

The effectiveness of the Glasgow is proven when it's deployed during Britannia's invasion of Japan in a.t.b 2010. The Glasgow's participation makes the brief war a complete victory, allowing Britannia to easily defeat the Japanese military forces and take over the island nation, which is then renamed as Area 11. Seven years after the invasion, the Glasgow is still seen as venerable, but very much outdated, and is slowly phased out of production and military service in favor of the newer 5th Generation RPI-13 Sutherland. Many Glasgow units are refitted into the police issue Knightpolice, while the proliferation of Glasgows means that they often end up in the hands of anti-Britannian rebel groups, such as the Order of the Black Knights and the Japanese Liberation Front, or even in the hands of underground crime syndicates.

The Glasgow Knightmare is used as the basis for several "new" designs by various Japanese resistance cells, including the Type-1R Burai and Type-10R Burai Kai which were developed by the Kyoto House. Some units were even recycled to form a powerful mobile artillery cannon called a Raiko, produced by combining 4 Glasgows or Burais. Prior to piloting the Guren, Kallen Kozuki used a customized red Glasgow in the beginning of the series, which is damaged in battle against the Lancelot during the latter's first combat deployment. However, it is replaced by another modified red Glasgow with Burai parts in the episode Refrain. Further,

In Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection, one is seen among the forces who have kidnapped Zero (Suzaku) and Nunnally at the beginning of the movie.


Glasgow Security Guard Type[]

Glasgow Security Guard Type (Color)

Glasgow Security Guard Type

The RPI-11 Glasgow Security Guard Type is a defensive Glasgow variant that appears in the manga and photo story Code Geass: Oz the Reflection. The Glasgow Security Guard Type's performance is not that particularly different from the regular Glasgow, but it is typically equipped with a giant shield for its function of protection and defense. These frames are mainly stationed in the Britannian homeland.



  • The Glasgow's name derives from a city in Scotland, a part of the British Isles, Britannia's conquered ancestral homeland.
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