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== Quotes ==
== Quotes ==
* "''It's shake time!''"
* Conversation with Kallen:
** '''Gino''': "''Kallen! So in the end, you chose the name Kozuki over Stadtfeld.''"
** '''Kallen''': "''That's right - which means you and I do battle once again. So should I be happy or sad about that, Gino?''"
** '''Gino''': "''What if we just enjoy?''"
* "''Because Suzaku's been acting so weird lately, I thought this [a packet of photos] might help take things off his mind for a while. I found it hidden deep in a locker like it was something valuable - there a few missing photos here and there, though. Ones of you, too! But I suppose he couldn't leave behind evidence that shows him palling around with a terrorist. Yet, everyone seems... well...''"
* "''Getting in here couldn't have been in easier! These guy are almost annoying sloppy! Is this the best line of defense Area 11 has to offer... ah-ha... perhaps I was being a bit hasty.''"
* "''What have I become? Am I a Knight of Britannia? And if I'm not... then what am I fighting these battles for?''"
* Conversation with Lelouch and Rivalz:
** '''Gino''': "''Lelouch, old man!''"
** '''Lelouch''': (shocked to see Gino) "''W-what?''"
** '''Gino''': "''Mind if I go to your chess games with you? Only the underground ones - where you gamble!''"
** '''Rivalz''': "''When I told him how you gambled on your games he begged me to take him along!''"
** '''Lelouch''': "''Rivalz, I swear...''"
* "''[[F.L.E.I.J.A.|This]] has gone beyond war.''"
* "''...They're using a Knightmare to create a giant pizza?''"
* "''Can't ya look a bit happier when somebody saves your life?"''
* Conversation with Zero:
** '''Gino''': "''You said you'd stop fightin' and join in on the [[Special Administrative Zone of Japan|Special Zone]] - but do you have full consensus on that from all of the Black Knights?''"
** '''Zero''': "''I have more than that... a million people have been mobilized.''"
* "''Should we take a tour of where the commoners go to school?''"
* "''Will you wake up, Suzaku?! You can still come back to [[Knights of the Round|us]]!''"
* Conversation with a Britannian Soldier:
** '''Soldier''': "''You think there'll be a riot?''"
** '''Gino''': "''If there is? We'll have the perfect excuse for a full-scale crack down. Ah, but remember! We don't move until they do, got it?''"
** '''Soldier''': "''Yes, my Lord.''"
* "''The [[Mordred]] always handles things in its own... unique way. Anya - don't do that again, okay? We don't wanna kill the viceroy now, do we?"''
* "''I can see you guys still have a lot to learn around here, don't ya? This is a school for commoners - things [[Love Attack! (episode)|like this]] take place alllll the time!''"
* Conversation with Anya:
** '''Anya''': "''This is the [[Kallen Kōzuki|ace of the Black Knights]] - pilot of the [[Guren Mk-II|Guren]].''"
** '''Gino''': "''Yeah, the one from before! She's a lot prettier than her wanted poster - that's my kinda woman!''"
* "''Look at that smile. And that's more like the real you, [[Kallen Kōzuki|Kallen]].''"
* "''Have you no sense of pride, dear Sir Bradley - threatening an unarmed, imprisoned woman?''"
* "''Geez, you really need to loosen up, [[Suzaku Kururugi|my friend]].''"
* Conversation with Kallen:
** '''Kallen''': "''Are you sure you want to join with us? It means you'd be fighting against Britannia.''"
** '''Gino''': "''You know, right now... right now, I think I understand your feelings just a bit."''
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