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Giant-class Land Battleship

Giant-class Land Battleship


Land Battleship


United Republic of Europia


United Republic of Europia


250-300 meters estimated

Propulsion Engine

Conventional Treads


10x Single Barrelled Heavy Turrets
10x CIWS

Special Equipment

Europian VTOL Transport
Europian VTOL Gunship
Europian Jeep
Europian Troop Transport Truck
Europian Transport Trailer
Europian SAM Vehicle

Number of Crew

1x Commander
Several Drivers
Several Groundsmen
Few Hundred Soldiers
Few Hundred Engineers

The Giant-class Land Battleship is a very large Land Battleship used by the Europia United Army to combat against the forces of the Holy Britannian Empire.

Design and Specifications[]

The middle child of the Land Battleship range of the United Republic of Europia. The Giant-class is the backbone of the landfleets of Europia, offering a staggering amount of firepower whilst still coming in suitable numbers.

Giant-classes therefore, act as bodyguards to the even bigger Leviathan-class Land Battleship, in contrast to Britannia's G-1 Base which stays far from the frontlines or the Chinese Longdan which act as infantry support.

The Giant-class is heavily armed, with up to ten single barrel landbased naval guns, which is capable of flattening the opposition forces in a quick barrage.


  • Unlike other landships shown, the Giant-class along with the rest of the Europian landcrafts were not shown to be capable of launching knightmares via a catapult, although they do have a VTOL landing pad and its bow could open up to allow ground vehicles to disembark. Most of its role is regulated into frontline combat, making them a true-blown land battleship in every single part of its name or at the very least, a carrier-battleship.


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