The Ghedo Vakka is a Knightmare Frame of the Kingdom of Zilkhstan, that serves as their primary Knightmare unit of their forces. As a mass produced unit the Ghedo Vakka's individual performances are not as powerful compared to the newer generation knightmare frame of the Black Knights and the Britannian and instead relying on mass numbers and firepower to overwhelm the enemy.

Design and Specifications[edit | edit source]

Zilkhstan Ghedo Vakka

Zilkhstan as a minor faction the Ghedo Vakka's design philosophy differs from the Britannian, Europian and the Chinese but at the same time incorporating some of the design from each countries. The speed of the Gun Ru, the firepower of the Hummel and the flexibility of the Britannian humanoid KMF.

The Ghedo Vakka's legs while in standby mode can be folded into compact form for ease of storage and transport. Its Cannons also possess great range and firepower, perfect for bombarding enemy from afar and its mobility from it's four Landspinner ensures the Ghedo Vakka will be able to quickly change its location and escape to safety of which it's likely designed to do in the first place to be used in a hit and run tactic. But unlike the Gun Ru and the Hummel which possess limited meele capacity the Ghedo Vakka possess two clawed arms which double as the unit slash harken and in the hand of a capable devicer the Ghedo Vakka can more than enough hold its own and defeat any enemy that might came close. It also possesses machine guns for anti-personnel use.

In addition to it's impressive armaments the Ghedo Vakka have another piece of equipment that greatly increase the KMF overall effectiveness, that being an AR (Augmented Reality) headset which grant the devicer a perfect unrestricted view of the enemy and environment outside through the use of AR technology, a necessary equipment to have because of the KMF's cramped cockpit and lack of visual as shown by Kallen Kōzuki when battling against Warden Bitool. The headset is most likely added later during the development of the Ghedo Vakka. The KMF also shown to possess two factsphere. One in the front and one in the back.    

There is also a specialized custom unit variant based of the Ghedo Vakka called the Jarja Vakka piloted by Shesthaal Forgnar.

Operational History[edit | edit source]

The Ghedo Vakka only appears in the 2019 movie Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection. During the Prison scene and during the final Scene.

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