Gekka Pre-Production Test Type

Gekka Pre

Technical Specifications

Model Number


Overall Height

4.45 meters

Gross Weight

7.92 metric tons

Power Source

Yggdrasil Drive, Energy Filler


Kyoto House


Black Knights

KMF Generation


Developed From

Guren Type-02

Developed Into




Cockpit Ejection System
Landspinner Propulsion System
Back-inbuilt Chaffsmoke Dispensing System



1x Hien Souga-type Slash Harken
1x Left Arm-inbuilt Radiation Wave Unit


1x Revolving Blade Sword
1x Custom Hand Gun



Code Geass: Lost Colors

Known Pilot(s)


After the success of the Guren, the Kyoto House commissions a mass production version, which would be known as the Gekka. Before the production model is created, genius engineer Rakshata Chawla constructs a prototype version in order to test the viability of the design. This unit only appears in the game Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - Lost Colors, piloted by the protagonist Rai if the player chooses to join the Order of the Black Knights. It's blue color scheme is the result of Kaguya liking Rai and saw Rai like an ocean. 

Design and SpecificationsEdit

Performance-wise this prototype is no different from the production model. However, it has a peaky output tendency much like the Guren Mk-II, which turns it into a machine that ordinary pilots find hard to handle.

Its left arm is equipped with an early model of the Guren's Radiation Wave unit. Because it is a simplified version built with spare parts, both power output and energy efficiency are below the Guren's, but it is still capable of destroying ordinary Knightmares with a single burst. The Guren would later use a customized version of this arm during the early battles of 2018, after losing the original one in the battle of Tokyo.

Aside from the Radiation Wave arm, the only real difference between the pre-production model and the finalized Gekka is its distinctive dark-blue color scheme.


Gekka Pre-Production Test Type
General Characteristics

Design Features

  • Cockpit Ejection system
  • Kou Kisou Kudourin-type Landspinner propulsion system (高機走駆動輪 lit. High Mechanical Run Driving Wheel)
  • Back-inbuilt Chaffsmoke Dispensing System


  • Hien Souga-type Slash Harken × 1 (飛燕爪牙, lit. Flying Swallow Nail Fang - スラッシュハーケン, Surasshuhāken)
  • 1x Left Arm-inbuilt Radiation Wave unit (輻射波動, Fukushahadō × 1 lit. radiation surge)

Optional Armaments

  • Katen Yaibatou × 1 (廻転刃刀, Katen Yaibatou, lit. "Revolving-Blade Sword")
  • Custom Hand Gun × 1 (専用ハンドガン, Sen'you handogan)


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