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Gefjun Disturber - Close Up View

A close-up view of the Gefjun Disturber.

A Gefjun Disturber is a device created by Rakshata Chawla to disable Knightmare Frames. It does this by disturbing the chemical and mechanical processes of the Knightmare's Sakuradite and interior computers and gears preventing movement. It was later perfected to be able to disable all sakuradite-based technology, not just Knightmares. In addition, the field blocks the motion of hadrons, radio waves, and microwaves. Other than this, it has shown several other uses such as controlling the blooming effect of Hadron-based weaponry as well as a defensive shield against Hadron and MVS-based weapons.


Gefjun Disturber Train

Gefjun Disturbers mounted on a train.

The Gefjun Disturber was initially developed by Rakshata during her internship in the Imperial Colchester Institute, but it was merely in a theory form at the time. It is first field-tested in 2017, in a skirmish in Shikine Island. It was first utilized in an attempt to capture the Lancelot and Suzaku Kururugi. This was the earliest known working version of the Gefjun Disturber, which was deployed in a circular formation. Though it was a success, its range and operational time was still limited. When Schneizel deployed the Avalon and Gawain to the island to ambush the Black Knights, Lelouch was forced to disable it, allowing Suzaku to destroy it.

Later, after Lelouch and Kallen captured the Gawain, Rakshata incorporated the Gefjun Disturber into the prototype Knightmare, focusing and perfecting its experimental Hadron Cannons. As a side effect, the Disturber's natural properties granted the Gawain a sort of "Stealth System", rendering it undetectable by radar.

Gefjun Net - Guren Flight-Enabled Version

Gefjun Net in the Guren Flight-Enabled Version's Air Glide System.

In 2018, Rakshata developed a more practical and mobile version of the Gefjun Disturber called the "Gefjun Net". These portable versions of the Gefjun Disturber could be optionally equipped with the Black Knights' Air Glide System technology as an additional armament. The Net was first tested during the Battle over the Pacific, used by the Guren Flight-Enabled Version to restrain the Lancelot Conquista. However, having seen the Disturber's initial use against the Lancelot and anticipating that the Disturber would be seen on the battlefield once more, Britannia developed the Conquista with countermeasures that provide a partial defense against it. This resistance has since been improved and implemented onto later 7th-Generation Knightmare Frames.

Later, a third, even more advanced version of the Disturber was developed. This version no longer follows the Gefjun Disturber's circular alignment and each device instead works as an individual unit. It is also has a far more prodigious range disabling the Tokyo Settlement's Concession area with only a limited number of them. This advanced version of the Disturber was "tested" by Lelouch, who, having several of these devices built onto a train in the Tokyo Settlement, uses them to paralyze the now-bionic Jeremiah Gottwald by interfering with the Sakuradite in his bionic parts. After this successful "test", in preparation for the Second Battle of Tokyo, Lelouch had many more of these Gefjun Disturbers installed across the Settlement. During the battle, he used them to disable a majority of the Tokyo Settlement, providing the opportunity for the Black Knights to invade.