The Geass Directorate, also translated as the Geass Cult or Geass Order, is a secretive group that studies and produces Geass users. Its last known location is a large underground city, also called the Geass Directorate, which is within the Chinese Federation territory. It is currently under the control of V.V., and so presumably under Britannian influence.


Geass Directorate

Though its location usually changes with each leader, it is currently located in a enormous underground cavern beneath an unspecified desert somewhere in the Chinese Federation, the Geass directorate seems to be, for the most part, a fairly modern medium-sized city, complete with streetlights, roadways, ornate buildings, and even an underground train system.

Most of the city is lit with an eerie purple glow that emanates from a thought elevator at the head of the city.

Assault on the Geass Directorate

After the death of Shirley Fenette, an embittered Zero decides to launch an attack on the directorate as to destroy the existence of Geass as a whole. Crashing through the shallow roof of the cavern, the Black Knights, on Zero's orders, indiscriminately slaughter the city's unarmed inhabitants. While V.V. attempts to stave of the attack Siegfried, a group of hooded directorate members attempted to escape the city with essential Geass research in a bullet train. C.C., however, intervenes and destroys the train before it can exit the compound.

Lelouch, pursuing the wounded (though immortal) V.V. to the thought elevator, in which the Emperor can be seen standing. After the Emperor and V.V. exchange a few words, Lelouch finds himself suddenly transported out of the city and onto the Sword of Akasha.

Members and Affiliates

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