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Geachee (ぎあちー, Gia chi) is the mascot character of Code Geass: Genesic Re;Code.


Geachee's body is that of a pink Mokochee plush, which is similar to that of Cheese-kun.

As the Robo-Lelouch, he was a near identical copy of Lelouch in his Ashford uniform, save for his robotic face. He was also stated to be about five meters tall.


Due to originally being an Artificial Intelligence based off of Lelouch, his manner of speaking is almost identical to him. Specifically, he talks much like Lelouch does as Zero. Though he could be called a "copy" of Lelouch, his personality is also more simple, as he initially mistook the Shinkiro as Lelouch himself when he heard his voice come from its speakers, and wondered why he didn't look like his original.

Because of being based off of Lelouch, he is also shown to have great care for Nunnally. This also meant that when he was rejected by Nunnally, he was unable to handle it, which caused his mechanical body to self-destruct.

Though he has similar mannerisms to Lelouch, he also expresses a desire to not be a copy of him. Originally desiring to defeat him and become the "original" Lelouch, he was also content with the outcome after being given his new body, since it means he can be his own person different from Lelouch.

Character History[]

Originally, Geachee was created at the request of Milly, who wanted it to launch fireworks for Lelouch's Birthday. However, the ones who took up her request, Lloyd, Cecile, Rakshata and Nina, went far beyond even her own desire, to the point Lloyd dubbed it the "Ultimate Knightmare Frame" once completed. When it came time to activate it, a loud clap of thunder was heard by the group in the lab, indicating lightning had struck close. This seemed to have caused the robot to activate, but to also have seemingly developed a mind of its own, as it devlared. Newly awakened, it immediately left the lab of its own accord, leaving those who witnessed it stunned by these strange turn of events.

The Robo-Lelouch eventually came upon Ar and Gigi. When they compared his appearance to Lelouch by them when seeing his appearance and hearing his voice, he recognized the name and knew it was his "original" and that he was just a copy. He then demanded they tell him where his original was. Lloyd and the others arrived shortly after the explain to the two of them what happened, who guessed that he was involved in what was going on.

Eventually, the real Lelouch arrived on the scene in his Shinkiro, along with Suzaku, Kallen, Rolo, Akito, Oldrin and Orpheus in their Knightmare Frames. Upon hearing his voice from the Knightmare Frame, he recognized that it was his original, but became confused as to why "he" didn't look like him, at first believing him to be the Knightmare Frame itself. When Lelouch opened his cockpit to show himself before it, he said he looks just like him, even if he is small, which Lelouch says he wasn't small, but that the robot was big. Seeing this exchange, Kallen and Suzaku notes that the way the robot talks and acts was really similar to Lelouch, which everyone else agreed, specifically the way he does as Zero. the robot Lelouch then asks who he is, before saying that since he was "born" that he wants to live as "himself" and not a copy. Therefore, he says he will defeat the original and become the only one.

Though the group fights back against it, they find it difficult due to the overwhelming strength it possessed. Because of that, Orpheus proposed trying to wait for it to run out of energy, but Cecile says with its new Energy Filler they made just for it, it will outlast all of their Knightmares. Before the fighting continues, Nunnally arrives and the robot recognizes it as "his sister" and the reason he lives and fights. He then tells her to wait for him, since he will defeat the original and become her brother. Nunnally asks him not to fight, and to talk with them, but he refuses and says he will defeat the original no matter what. Hearing his refusal to stop fighting, Nunnally says that such a brother is not her her older brother. At this rejection, and realizing it cannot become Lelouch, the robot self-destructs, releasing all of the fireworks it was designed to carry.

Later at Lelouch's Birthday part, Lelouch expresses pity for him and his fate, saying that even if it was an Artificial Intelligence that it still had its own ego. Gigi then says that she thought he might say something like that, and says that she asks the professors to do something for her, and presents the new form they placed its AI into, who then apologizes for earlier. When Nunnally asks who this is, she says she just took the AI out of Robo-Lelouch and put it into a new, harmless body. C.C. then says she is the one who provided the new body, a stuffed toy for the Mokochee "limited collection." Geachee says that since he received a new body, he can become a new exisyence that is not a copy. Nunnally then calls him Geachee, thinking he needs a new name, though asks if "Leluchi" would be better, which Lelouch asks not to. Accepting his new name of Geachee, he tells them it is nice to meet them.





Previously, Geachee's body was that of Knightmare Frame designed after Lelouch to launch fireworks for his Birthday. Though Milly's request was simple, each of the ones involved with its creation took liberties and got excessive for its construction. Each of its parts motors used extra Sakuradite, allowing for far greater output. The group also developed an artificial muscle to fully demonstrate this output, and it possessed Radiant Wave technology to use for both offense and defense. Because of this output, they also created a new type of Energy Filler that would allow for a far greater operational time than other machines. Because of the excessive lengths the group went in its development, it was also deemed completely impossible for any human to pilot.



  • Geachee was created as a mascot character for Code Geass: Genesic Re;Code. Though used in promotional materials and on the official site since the beginning, they expressed a desire to have him appear within the story itself, but said that they hadn't decided on how to do so at that time. Geachee would eventually appear in the 2nd Birthday event for Lelouch, where it started out as a Knightmare Frame copy of Lelouch.
  • When attempting to pull for CODE Links, Geachee has very low chance to appear in the background behind Archive, sitting on a globe. During such an appearance, this guarantees that a 4-Star is among those that are being obtained.