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Gawain - Siegfried Duel
Part of the Black Rebellion
Gawain and Siegfried
Date September 9, 2017
Location Kamejima Island
Result Stalemate
Black Knights Holy Empire of Britannia
Jeremiah Gottwald
Gawain Siegfried
Casualties and Losses
Gawain lost in ocean Siegfried lost in ocean

Gawain Pursues V.V.[]

At that time, the Gawain is approaching Kaminejima and Lelouch is questioning what this war for independence was for if Nunnally is not around. They soon arrive at the island and land at the entrance to the cave there, but C.C. says that she does not know the place or if Nunnally’s kidnapper is a person with Geass powers. When a surge of energy suddenly hits the Gawain and causes Lelouch to have visions, C.C. informs him that this is a trap against intruders, but Lelouch is then shown scenes of her past, including her getting shot on a battlefield and getting burned at the stake. In a black and white world, C.C. tells him that all that’s left is her memories of being a witch, and she does not even know if she was human to start with. All the people who hated her and the people who were kind to her have disappeared in the never-ending flow of time, and she thus feels alone. Lelouch, however, tells her that she’s not alone: they are accomplices, so if she is a witch, then he feels that he will become the her Warlock/Demon. The two of them are then returning to their normal senses, and just in time for Jeremiah to attack again. Jeremiah manages to hit them and the battle is underway.

The Battle[]

C.C. fires the Gawain’s cannons into the ocean to create a wall of water to hide themselves in for a moment. Telling Lelouch to leave Jeremiah to her, C.C. wants him to go after Nunnally instead. Lelouch points out that the Gawain does not have enough energy, but C.C. feels that it’ll be okay, though she then admits to feeling a bit uneasy. Telling him to win, C.C. kisses Lelouch before setting him down by the cave. When Lelouch tells her not to die, she questions who he thinks he’s talking to. C.C. then flies the Gawain to Jeremiah’s mecha and attaches to it before accelerating it into the water.