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Gaudefroy du Villon was the Grand Master of the Knights of St. Gabriel. He was decapitated by the Knights of St. Michael, his head later displayed to Euro Britannian nobility.



From what has been shown, Gaudefroy is a proud, short-tempered knight. He is very loyal to the Grand Duke and not afraid to threaten those who would insult him.

Character Plot[]

He had been the Grand Master of Order of St. Gabriel for an undetermined length of time. He was present during Shin Hyuga Shaing's rise to Grand Master and later when Julius Kingsley arrived.

He was later present during Julius Kingsley's Ark plan and showed anger when insulted by Julius Kingsley for being ineffective and slow. Later when Kingsley ordered the Grand Duke's arrested, Gaudefroy angrily approached and yelled at Kingsley, only to be kicked aside by Suzaku Kururugi.

His decapitated head was shown in the House of Nobles along with his peer Raymond du Saint-Gilles to incite rebellion against Britannia.


His name is a reference to Godefroy de Bouillon, a Frankish warlord who participated in the First Crusade, successfully led the Siege of Jerusalem and became the first ruler of the Kingdom of Jerusalem in 1099 AD. His reign (though he declined to call himself "King" of Jerusalem), however, was extremely short and he died in 1100 AD. His remains were interred in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.