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The Gareth (ガレス, Garesu), is the mass-production model of the Gawain. The Glaston Knights switch from Gloucesters to Gareth models prior to the second battle of Tokyo, which is when they were first deployed. Gareths were also widely used during Emperor Lelouch vi Britannia's reign, Suitable for long and intermediate range engagement they are expected to be the mainstay of the britannian military to complement their close range cousin the Vincent Ward, which made up about half of his Knightmare forces, at the time.

Design and Specifications[]

Although it derived from the Gawain it is far more suited for long range artillery role compared to its predecessor, And unlike the Gawain many of its features were removed from the Druid System, five fingered manipulators, two seater cockpit and Landspinners. Which greatly reduced the production and manufacturing costs. Its Hadron Cannons (its Primary Weapons) are attached directly to its wrists in place of hands. It has eight Slash Harkens mounted in two quad-barrel launchers attached to the hips. It also has fourteen Missile Launchers, four on each leg and six on its chest. Finally, it has two 3-barrel Machine Cannons mounted on its shoulders. Like the Gawain, it has an integrated Float System.

Factsphere Sensor[]

Image 2024-01-10 021747799

Gareth's Factsphere Sensor

Gawain's characteristic druid system has been replaced, and the head unit now has a factsphere. The factsphere has also grown in size to match the size of the KMF, and its information gathering ability appears to be more advanced than that of a typical KMF.

Quadruple Slash Harken[]

Quad harken

Quadruple Slash Harken

A twin wired claw ejection device mounted on the left and right hips (thighs). The claw is a plate type that has not been used in other models, and may become the standard in the future. The base of the plate device is rotatable, allowing for a high degree of freedom no matter where the direction it goes, whether it's forward or backwards.

Hadron cannon[]

Hadron gareth

Hadron cannon

Replacing the five-finger manipulator with hadron cannon. Although its destructive power is reduced significantly, it still has the advantage of being able to achieve both high firepower and a wide field of fire, making it easy to use even at relatively close range. The muzzle can be closed with a beak-shaped hatch.

Missile pod[]

Missile garreth

Missile pod

Several sets of missiles are mounted on Gareth's body, two triple-mounted types on each side of the legs The unit is equipped with four missile pods. It is armed with the assumption that it will be used to engage highly mobile targets that cannot be targeted by the hadron cannon. It is possible to attack multiple targets simultaneously with the use of missiles.


General Characteristics

Design Features


  • 2x Arm-mounted Hadron Cannons
  • 2x Shoulder-mounted 3-barrel Machine Cannons
  • 14-tube Missile Launchers (6x Chest-mounted and 8x Leg-mounted (4x per leg)
  • 8x Hip-mounted Slash Harkens (divided into two 4-tube launchers)



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