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The Gardmare is an imitation Knightmare Frame produced by the Europia United. It is a mobile weapon platform used by the E.U. for military escort and protection.

Although it has arms and legs, it is considered a lower-class weapon compared to KMF, and its combat capabilities are inferior even when compared to the fourth-generation KMF Glasgow, which has already been retired from front lines service. The reason behind Gardmere's low performance was a lack of KMF development technology compared to the Holy Britannian Empire, which was one of the reasons why the E.U. was unable to catch up to Britannian technology in KMF design.

Design and Specifications[]

Just like the Panzer-Hummel the Gardmare is a vastly different design compared to the Britannian Knightmare Frame. This European Knightmare Frame possesses two large claws and two cannons mounted on its arms as its primary armaments. In terms of protection, Gardmare frames also appear to have bulky armor, although the armor can easily be destroyed by the standard Britannian Knightmare Frame assault rifle. Gardmare have exceptional speed and can perform acrobatic maneuvers in the hand of an expert pilot.

Like most Knightmare Frame it also has an ejection system, but unlike its Britannian counterpart its "ejection system" just opens a hatch on the back of the Knightmare for the pilot to exit. A farcry to the Britannian ejection system where its pilot are literally jettisoned to safety. The Gardmare ejection system just left the pilot vulnerable to enemy attack.

The form is far from completely humanoid. Although its manoeuvrability on road surfaces is rather high, its operability on rough terrain is questionable. The operability of the arms and optional task cannot be said to be high, and it is not as good as other KMF like the Glasgow or beyond.

It also has structure reminiscent of KMFs before the third generation, including a pod-shaped body, large arms equipped with three-finger manipulators and machine guns, and legs that combine shock absorbers and wheels. It is undeniable that the Gardmare is small and lacking in power as an anti-KMF weapon.

Operational History[]

A known example of the use of this machine is the response to the attempted kidnapping of Gene Smilas. At this time, two Gardmares were dispatched to intercept the attacking Glasgow, but both were destroyed.

Akito Hyuga piloted one Gardmare unit against a Glasgow during an urban battle. During battle with the Glasgow Akito Hyuga sacrificed his Gardmare to score a victory against the enemy.


Gardmare la

General Characteristics

Design Features


  • 2x Arm-mounted Auto-Cannons
  • 2x Large claws


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