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The Ganymede (ガニメデ, Ganimede) was developed during the third generation of Knightmare Frames, it is the brainchild of the rising Ashford Foundation. At least one Ganymede (possibly the same unit used by Marianne) is retained by the Ashford family, kept at the academy it operates in Area 11. This Ganymede would be brought out of storage once a year, for exhibition during the Ashford Academy's school festival. During these occasions, the Ganymede is usually piloted by Marianne's son, Lelouch, but in 2017 a.t.b. Lelouch cedes this role to his childhood friend, Suzaku Kururugi.

At the end of the first season, Nina Einstein fits the Ganymede with a Sakuradite-enhanced nuclear bomb. The bomb, however, fails to explode. The eventual fate of the Ganymede is unknown, but is presumably no longer at Ashford Academy, as the school started using an MR-1 for the annual festival and because, during a discussion, Milly stated that Nina was attempting to "complete" the Ganymede.

Design and Development[]

Created shortly before the development of the Yggdrasil drive, the Ganymede is powered by a large external battery, limiting its range and operation time. But in spite of its failings, the Ganymede forms the basis of practically every Knightmare Frame constructed thereafter. This is due to the effectiveness of the basic design, along with its skilled test pilot, Marianne vi Britannia. Her incredible abilities earned her the nickname "Marianne the Flash", and she would later become one of the many wives of the Emperor Charles zi Britannia.


General Characteristics

  • Crew: One
  • Height: 6.32 meters
  • Weight: 7.09 metric tonnes
  • Power Source: Cable Supply/External Battery

Design Features



  • It is named after the Greek mythology hero Ganymede, who was said to be the most beautiful mortal, whom Zeus kidnapped and turned into his cup-bearer.
  • Ganymede is also the largest moon currently in our solar system, also is one of Jupiter's moons and one of the Galilean moons, which consist of 3 other moons: Callisto, Europa, and Io. All of which are related in Greek Mythology.
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