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Gallia Grande

Gallia Grande

Gallia Grande


Floating Ark


Euro Britannia
Holy Britannian Empire


Euro Britannia
Holy Britannian Empire


300 Meters

Propulsion Engine

Float System



Special Equipment

Several Sutherland Drones
Self-destruct Bombs


Ashley Ashra

Gallia Grande is a giant floating Arkship deployed by Euro Britannia during the invasion of the Europia United. It is the central part of the plan devised by Julius Kingsley to create unrest and weaken the moral in the Europia United in order to pave the way for a swift invasion. However the ship itself was later discovered to be unarmed. It was destroyed during an explosion with a failed attempt by Shin Hyuga Shaing to eliminate the W-0 Unit sent to the ship.


The Brightness Falls[]

In Julius Kingsley's plan to demoralise the EU, Gallia Grande was deployed and flew across the North Sea. In a faked video the ship was seen to have bombed the North Sea Power Plant which caused power cut in Paris. The plot combining faked video, rumours of terror and the presence of a giant floating ship successfully created terror and unrest in Paris, the capital of EU, allegedly causing the EU forces in the Eastern Front to retreat. The ship was later found to be unarmed and Leila Malcal sent Akito Hyuga and Ryo Sayama's group to identify the nature of the giant floating ship.

Memories of Hatred[]

Upon entering the vessel, the W-0 Unit was attacked by Euro Britannia's Sutherland Drones and Ashley Ashra's Ahuramazda. Akito defeated Ashley in an intense fight. The ship was destroyed in a subsequent explosion from time bombs planted at critical sites. The W-0 members aboard the ship were believed to be killed in action. However, a remaining piece of the Gallia Grande was later seen to have survived the explosion along with its occupants. The final piece was shot down after Yukiya Naruse aboard bombed the advancing forces of the Knights of St. Michael and revealed his position.


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