GX 01 Alpha 4

Technical Specifications


Holy Britannian Empire


GX 01 (Dalque)
GX 01 (Lucretia)
GX 01 (Sancia)




Known Pilot(s)




This Knightmare Frame only appears in the Spin-off Manga called Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally. GX 01 Alpha was a Knightmare Frame built exclusively for a member of the Britannian Special Honorary Foreign Legion named Alice and the Alpha serves as one of the Point man for the Irregulars. While paired up with Dalque whenever possible when Lucretia and Sancia provide support for them, the Alpha remains as her primary Knightmare Frame until it was destroyed by the Mark Nemo and afterwards Alice began piloting a new Knightmare Frame called the Code Geass.

Operational HistoryEdit

It first appeared during the Lake Kawaguchi Incident where the Alpha easily defeated the JLF Raikou with ease until she confronted Mark Nemo which led her to lose one of her arms, she met with Mark Nemo once again during the Disaster of Saitama Ghetto, only to let Mark Nemo escape again. She met with Mark Nemo for the last time when it was destroyed by her at the Battle of Narita.


GX 01 Alpha

Alice is activating her Geass inside the Knightmare Frame

Every Irregulars Knightmare Frame is equipped with a Geass Conductor that will greatly increase the Knightmare Frame performance, the GX 01 Alpha is also carried four pair of swords for melee combat in her scabbards (it is not known whether its an MVS sword or not) for Alpha is a Knightmare Frame dedicated only to close range combat but combined with Alice Geass the Speed the swords of the Alpha is more than enough to combat any adversary.


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