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This Knightmare Frame only appear in the Spin-off Manga called the Nightmare of Nunnally, the GX-01 piloted by Lucretia is one of the few non-combat Knightmare Frame shown in the Code Geass Universe and the only one ever used in actual combat, the Knightmare Frame was built with the task of providing terrain information and combat information with the help of her Geass to rest of the Irregulars while hiding safely behind friendly line, in combat the Knightmare Frame never leave to far away from Sancia's, Sancia and lucretia provide support in combat while Dalque and Alice responsible for hunting the enemy, the Knightmare Frame was Damaged by Cardinal Rolo Geass the Ice when they turn against him.

Operational History Edit


Sancia GX 01 (on the right) and Lucretia GX 01

It first appear during the pacification of Area 5 (somewhere in Greenland) serving in a Support Role and as the Battlefield Tactician for the Irregulars, it also appear during the Disaster of Saitama Ghetto in the same role again, she also appear alongside her teammates in the Battle of Narita and she appear for the last time when Lucretia and the rest of the Irregulars is being tasked with hunting down former Irregular member Alice but the Irregular turn against Cardinal Rolo and as a result the GX 01 piloted by Lucretia is damaged because of Cardinal Rolo Geass the Ice.


Every Irregulars Knightmare Frame is equipped with a Geass Conductor that will greatly increase the Knightmare Frame performance, the GX 01 piloted by Lucretia served as the team personal Radar but with far greater accuracy at pinpointing the terrain and the enemy with the help of her Geass. when used in conjunction with Sancia GX 01 they can locate and destroy the enemy without ever looking at them.


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