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The GX 01 series is a Knightmare Frame that is built exclusively for the Irregular unit led by Colonel Madd, it is arguably the first seventh generation Knightmare Frame for its construction it use Electrical and Synthetics gel to use as its wick and the wax is a Sakuradite Shape Knightmare Frame because of extensive use of Sakuradite for its exterior the result was a walking power generator that surpasses all of the high output, high manueverability motor in the world that stood for five meter. it also uses a revolutionary frame called the "Muscle Framing" that was based on the Ashford's Frame blueprints: Muscle Framing but the most extraordinary capability of this Knightmare Frame is the Geass Conductor it can transfer the user Geass into the Knightmare Frame and in some cases amplify them such as the case of Lucretia machine but there is also a lie a sinister mechanism inside the GX 01 called the C.C. Cell Control Drug Counter it can amplify the power of the Geass user with the cost of his/her life but it is usually have a time limit set on it, so that the pilot can be saved before the Drug takes the pilot life.

Operational History[edit | edit source]

It was first seen in Combat during an uprising on Area 5, where a rebel commander is underestimating the capability of the Enemy Knightmare Frame and he and his squad was killed as the result, it also appear during during the Incident at Lake Kawaguchi when the GX 01 Alpha commanded by Alice easily destroyed a JLF Raikou with the help of her Geass the Speed and proceed to confront the terrorist inside the building only to confront a new enemy called the Mark Nemo, the confrontation with the Mark Nemo caused the GX 01 Alpha to lost one of her arm and result with the escape of Mark Nemo, it also appear during the Disaster at Saitama Ghetto where they are once again pitted with the Mark Nemo to captured the pilot but the Mark Nemo escape again, it also appear again during the Battle of Narita and they succeed at capturing the pilot at the lost of the GX 01 Alpha, they were also used to hunt down a former member of the Irregular called Alice under the command of Cardinal Rolo but they turn against him and decided to help Alice.

GX series skeletal frame

Variants[edit | edit source]

It should be noted that no GX 01 series look the same since each GX 01 series have been specially customized to fit each pilot role:

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