G-1 Base

G1 Base

G-1 Base


Ground Combat Command Vehicle


Britannian Military


Holy Britannian Empire




Single Cannon

Special Equipment

10x Knightmare Frames


Clovis La Britannia
Cornelia Li Britannia
Euphemia Li Britannia
Kaguya Sumeragi
Bismarck Waldstein

The G-1 Base (G-1ベース, Ji-Wan Beesu) is a Britannian land-cruiser commonly employed by the known members of the Imperial Family as a mobile command center and a field hospital. Since these mobile bases are almost always carrying someone of significant importance, they are always surrounded by motorcades of police, medical vehicles, and escorted by the regular military in the form of tanks, armored vehicles, and Knightmares.

A G-1 Base also carries Knightmares inside. It can carry up to ten Knightmare frames and launch them from its two side catapults. The G-1 Base first appeared in Code Geass Season 1 Ep: 1. It appears that there are multiple G-1 bases in use because one was destroyed near the beginning of Season 2 then later on another one briefly makes an appearance but is also destroyed. During the first assault on the Tokyo Settlement, a G-1 fell under the control of the Black Knights, which had its Britannian markings scored off. It was seen being escorted by Black Knight Sutherlands, most likely commandeered from the same G-1 which was stolen.

Code Geass: Akito The Exiled Edit

Akito G-1

Knights of St. Raphael G-1 Base

In the OVA spin off, the G-1 Base is used under military forces of Euro Britannia. It is almost the exact same as its original anime appearance in terms of the armaments and equipment, the only noticeable difference is that the trim around the control room windows is silver rather than gold. The Knights of St. Michael and Knights of St. Raphael are seen to have their own G-1 Base's respectively, with the Britannian flag on the sides being replaced with the knights orders own emblems. The St. Raphael G-1 maintains the military purple colour scheme, while the St. Michael G-1 has been completely repainted in their distinctive red colour.

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