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Futaba Sumeragi (皇 二葉, Sumeragi Futaba) was a member of the Sumeragi clan in Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya who greatly resembles Kaguya Sumeragi. Futaba makes her debut in Chapter 6, wishing to kill Renya to avenge Isshin Sumeragi.

Character Outline[]

Futaba is the stepsister of Isshin, a former member of the Sumeragi clan. After hearing of his death, she seeks out her brother's assassin for vengeance. However, she is attacked by a wild boar which leads her to Renya's company, where he kills it. Despite having saved her life, she continues her attempt to kill Renya, but is stopped by Misuzu.

After hearing about the Knightmare that can control wind, called a Karasu Tengu (烏天狗, "Crow Demon") by Denshichirou and surviving villagers, she leaves in search of it and its power.

After the defeat of Mesh, she continues to follow Renya and company, and it is with her help that they are able to capture Water Boy. Eventually, she and her vassals are captured by Barbaros, and are saved after his defeat. She then agrees to join Claire and travel to Britannia with her.


Futaba is a hot-headed individual intent on preserving the Sumeragi name. She is also ungrateful for having her life saved, quickly resuming her vendetta towards Renya. Futaba takes pride in being born in a higher class as she looks down upon commoners and is offended when they interfere with her business.

While she continues to proclaim her desire to kill Renya, it is revealed while she is under the influence of Lorenzo il Soresi's Geass that she has actually fallen in love with him.


Futaba seems quite adept at using swords and also seems to be an experienced thief, having easily stolen a sword from Angie without detection.



  • The name Futaba means "two" (二) (futa) and "leaf, plane, lobe, needle, blade, spear, counter for flat things, fragment, piece" (葉) (ha/ba). which literally means "bud, two flat things, sprout" altogether.
  • Futaba's surname Sumeragi means "emperor" (皇).