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The Frame Coat is a new, experimental weapon system created for high-end Knightmare Frames during the Kowa Era, following the Zero Requiem. It makes its debut in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection.

Lancelot siN White Fang

Lancelot siN White Fang, a Frame Coat for the Lancelot siN.

Design and Development[]

The Frame Coat was designed by Shanti Chawla, the younger sister of Rakshata Chawla, the leader of Research and Development for the Order of the Black Knights. In scale, it is similar to a Knight Giga Fortress, and is even deemed as such by Shalio in battle. Like the Sutherland Sieg, which was one such Giga Fortress, this weapon system takes the form of a heavy exoskeleton surrounding a Knightmare Frame. By the events of the invasion of Zilkhstan, two Frame Coats were manufactured for two specific Knightmare Frames: the Type-02/SP1 Guren Type Special and the Z-01/S Lancelot siN. Upon receiving their Frame Coats, these machines were respectively designated the Type-02/SP1+MTM Guren Type Special Flaming Halo and the Z-01/S+MTM Lancelot siN White Fang.

Existing as battle suits for these Knightmare Frames, their designs were made similar to the Knightmares they carried. The Frame Coats were created as exceedingly powerful weapons, capable of taking on entire armies. For movement, the Frame Coats were equipped with Energy Wing Systems, much like the Knightmares within them, allowing for high-speed flight and maneuverability. In terms of defense, the machines are highly resilient, built with thick, reinforced armor. The White Fang went a step further, utilizing a Blaze Luminous for protection. In terms of weapon systems, the Frame Coats possessed unique armaments capable of mass destruction. The White Fang's special weapon, called the "Arondight Maxima", produced thunderbolts to destroy dozens of units. The Flaming Halo was built with its own massive Radiant Wave Surger, capable of destroying hundreds of enemies.

Unfortunately, the Frame Coat's most apparent advantage, that being its size and heavy armor, is simultaneously its biggest disadvantage. Being such a heavy machine with large weapons, it is possible for smaller, more maneuverable Knightmares to gain an edge over it. Shalio demonstrated this, using the Nagid Shu Mane to keep up with the White Fang. As such, the Frame Coat is best suitable for long-range combat, while being far more vulnerable in close-range combat. Fortunately, in the event that the Frame Coats were overwhelmed, a failsafe was set to self-destruct them, allowing the Knightmares within to be released.

Operational History[]

Following Lelouch’s escape from the Wailing Prison and subsequent rendezvous with Cornelia, the Black Knights were officially dispatched to invade Zilkhstan and rescue Nunnally. Suzaku Kururugi and Kallen Kōzuki were deployed to take on Zilkhstan’s main military force, piloting the White Fang and Flaming Halo Frame Coats respectively. Initially, they gained the upper hand through their superior firepower, but faced trouble when Queen Shamna used her Geass to see through her enemies’ battle plan. Anticipating Suzaku and Kallen’s attacks, she sent her allies to intercept them - Shalio to Suzaku, and Warden Bitool and his forces to Kallen.

Caught off guard, the young pilots were slowly being overwhelmed by the Zilkhstan forces. Bitool trapped the Flaming Halo and Kallen using his Batalalan Du’s Electromagnetic Capture Field, holding her in place while his troops slowly pummeled away at her armor. Meanwhile, Shalio engaged the White Fang and Suzaku, using the Nagid Shu Mane’s smaller size, along with its superior speed and maneuverability, to his advantage. Faced with such a small target and using such a large unit, Suzaku was unable to keep up and eventually brought down. In the end, Suzaku and Kallen were forced to abandon the Frame Coats, self-destructing them and releasing their Knightmares. Recovering, they managed to win in their individual battles.