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The Four Holy Swords (四聖剣, Shi Seiken) is an elite unit consisting of four soldiers who are under the leadership of Kyoshiro Tohdoh.


Initially, they are a part of The JLF, but once Kyoshiro Tohdoh is freed from execution, they join the Black Knights. The Four Holy Swords were an elite unit in the JLF and they piloted their more advanced frames, and were used as an "Ace in the Hole" against Britannian forces. They are highly skilled in piloting Knightmares which allowed each member to become captain of a squad in the Black Knights. Initially, they use the Burai Kai before switching to the new Gekka models in order to save Tohdoh from his execution. In the second season, they finally switch to the Akatsuki Command Model Zikisan. A signature move for the Four Holy Swords was called the Spinning-Life or Death Formation which is a synchronized four way attack which was used several times in the series. Throughout the course of the series, Urabe, Senba and Asahina eventually die. By the end of R2, only Chiba and Todoh survives.

Leader and Members[]

Leader/Member Image
Kyoshiro Tohdoh (Leader) Tohdoh
Nagisa Chiba (Member) NagisaChiba
Shōgo Asahina (Member) - (Deceased) Shogo Asahina - 1
Ryōga Senba (Member) - (Deceased) Ryōga Senba
Kōsetsu Urabe (Member) - (Deceased) Kōsetsu Urabe


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