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Vincent Wards using their Float Systems.

The Float System (フロートシステム, Furōto Shisutemu) is a flotation device that was developed by Lloyd Asplund and the Holy Britannian Empire for enabling flight for Knightmares. Later, a higher tier, experimental version of the Float System, called the Energy Wing System, is introduced. Also, the Black Knights developed a derivative technology called the Air Glide System.


An atmospheric floatation device of unknown principle, but probably electromagnetic in nature, the Float System is capable both of suspending extremely high-mass structures in stationary flight and moving them through the air at decently fast speeds. It requires gyroscopic stabilization. It is also known to have an astronomical energy cost.

Originally, the immense size of the older Float Systems made it suitable only for enabling the aerial transport of traditional land cruisers, but recent miniaturization efforts have produced Float Units scaled for installation on Knightmare Frames. Float Units for Knightmares were either integrated directly into the machines themselves or built into an external backpack that a Knightmare could be fitted with. In the case of the backpack version, it was shown to have rocket boosters equipped for an emergency burst of speed if required.

Another variation of the Float System is the Energy Wing System created by Cécile Croomy. This variation far surpasses the performance of all previous models. A Knightmare equipped with one has unrivaled agility and can break the speed of sound, allowing the pilot move at blinding speeds. It is difficult to control, however, and only the Lancelot Albion and Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements are equipped with them. The Operators of the Float System are mostly the Britannian Armed Forces.

Operational History[]

The first Float System developed for a Knightmare was shown integrated into the prototype model Gawain. Later, the Lancelot was attached with the first externally-attached Float System before Battle for Kyushu (episode). Following the success of the Float System prototype, the Holy Britannian Empire mass-produces them and it later becomes seen as standard equipment for their military. In terms of utilization, Integrated Float Systems tended to be applied most often for higher-end Knightmares belonging to exceptionally high-ranked personnel, such as the Knights of the Round or the Royal Guards. Meanwhile, lesser personnel tend to receive the Float System backpack for use. Additionally, after capturing and studying the Gawain, the Black Knights produced their own Float System derivative called the Air Glide System.

Following the capture of the Guren Flight-Enabled Version, as part of its reconfiguration into the Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements, Cecile Croomy produced the Energy Wing System for the machine as a new, experimental Float System. Unlike the original, the Energy Wing functions by generating its "wings" via the Blaze Luminous technology, with performance that far outstrips the original system.

During the Kowa Era, further developments on the Float System have been achieved. Certain Knightmares incorporated the System into other parts of the unit besides the back. For the Moosa, developed by Lloyd Asplund, an Integrated Float System was placed into each of the six flaps on its midsection. The Nagid Shu Mane, the personal Knightmare of Shalio, goes even further, having a Float System integrated into every part of its body, granting it not only flight, but highly exceptional speed and maneuverability.


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