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Federation Wide-body Airliner

Federation Wide-body Airliner

Federation Wide-body Airliner


Wide-body Airliner


United Federation of Nations


United Federation of Nations

Propulsion Engine

Two Float Systems
Three Jet Engines

Number of Crew

1x Pilot
1x Co-pilot


Dozens of Passengers

The Federation Wide-body Airliner is a large passenger plane used predominantly by the United Federation of Nations as a largely civilian airliner. However, its software system was vulnerable to being taken over by cyberwarfare[1].

Design and Specifications[]

The airliner has a unique design as it possess three jet engines plus two float systems that allow the plane for both supersonic flight with VTOL capabilities. The jet engines consists of two sleek smaller engines at the top of the fuselage and one large engine at the bottom. The aerodynamic design allows for supersonic performance.

The primary wings end in a downward winglet whilst the rear wings end in two vertical tail stabilisers rather than the traditional one. Another unique design feature of the plane is the presence of canards which is to stabilise the aircraft when in full flight. Nevertheless, as a civilian vehicle, it lacks counter electronic and cyberwarfare capabilities, as a few of them fell victim to extremist Japanese nationalist forces who hacked into their autopilot system by the events of year 2 of the Kowa Period[1]. Fortunately, their plans were foiled and the planes landed safely[1].



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