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Federation Transport Plane

Federation Transport Plane

Federation Transport Plane


Transport Plane


United Federation of Nations
The Order of the Black Knights


The Order of the Black Knights

Propulsion Engine

Four Turboprop Engines


4x Double-barrelled Turrets

Special Equipment

Knightmare Frames

Number of Crew

1x Pilot
1x Co-pilot
5x Gunners


Two dozen Soldiers and/or Airmen
Two dozen Knightmare Pilots

The Federation Transport Plane is an exceptionally large transport plane used by the United Federation of Nations and The Order of the Black Knights to transport large amounts of bulk cargo.

Design and Specifications[]

As aforementioned, the Federation Transport Plane is an immense aircraft that stops just short of being classifed as an airship. It is an incredibly long aircraft with a twin cargo bay. Each of these bays could carry dozens of equipment ranging from civilian goods to Knightmare Frames.

It is also armed, albeit lightly. It carries a total of four double-barrelled turrets, one on the roof, one on the tail and two on the side of the aircraft. These weapons are used entirely for defense against potential attacks.

The Transport Plane flies via four turboprop engines and it is light blue in colour. It is only briefly seen in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection and only partially. In the manga however, the full plane was shown entirely, including the insides of the cargo bay.



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