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Federation Destroyer

Federation Destroyer

Federation Destroyer




United Federation of Nations
Black Knights


The Order of the Black Knights

Propulsion Engine



1x Bow-mounted Naval Gun
1x Hull-mounted VLS

Number of Crew

1x Captain
1x First Mate
Few Hundred Sailors
Few Dozen Marines
Several Engineers

The Federation Destroyer is a small naval warship used by the United Federation of Nations and in turn, The Order of the Black Knights.

Design and Specifications[]

Like the Federation Cruiser, the Federation Destroyer is actually a warship under the command of the Black Knights as, under the charter of the United Federation of Nations, the UFN does not have an official standing armed force.

In terms of the design, the destroyer is a relatively boxy warship. It is also small, especially when compared to the cruiser; reaching only half the length of the larger ship.

The destroyer is armed with a single naval gun as well as a VLS. It is used for scouting and support purposes.

Operation History[]

During the events of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection, the UFN called in the 5th fleet to engage a campaign against the Kingdom of Zilkhstan to retrieve Nunnally vi Britannia from the clutches of Shamna. Due to the actions made by Lelouch beforehand which crippled the leadership structure of Zilkhstan, the Kingdom was unable to mount a proper defense, allowing the aircraft carrier along with its battlefleet such as the destroyer to achieve air supriority and safely land its marines issue UFN control.

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