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Fantasy Seduction Club

The Fantasy Seduction Club is probably one of the most, if not the most, questionable club recognized by the Ashford Academy. It is a club that delves into the study of fetishes and sub-culture. Its members wear revealing, provocative clothes such as nurse outfits, dominatrix outfits, and Brazilian swimsuits. The exact purpose of this club is never revealed.


In the episode Love Attack!, during the Cupid Day, some members of the Fantasy Seduction Club are seen briefly trying to capture Lelouch's hat by means of seducing him, but unfortunately for them, it's actually his maid Sayoko disguised as Lelouch. She ignores their seduction by leaping above them.


The Fantasy Seduction Club seems to be a female-only club, as no male members ever appeared. So far, there are at least five counted members in the club.


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