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Europian VTOL Gunship

Europian VTOL Gunship

Europian VTOL Gunship


VTOL Gunship


United Republic of Europia


United Republic of Europia

Propulsion Engine

Float System


1x Ventral Autocannon

Number of Crew

1x Pilot
1x Co-pilot

The Europian VTOL Gunship is the United Republic of Europia's counterpart to the Britannian VTOL Gunship and the Chinese Federation VTOL Gunship.

Design and Specifications[]

The Europian VTOL Gunship has both a Float System and conventional engines. What is interesting about the vehicle, is that its engine and wings could swivel completely vertically, allowing for extremely agile maneuvers.

The VTOL Gunship is controlled by a pilot and co-pilot and is armed with a ventral autocannon. The gunship is coloured dark greyish-blue and decorated with turquoise stripes.

VTOL Gunships are often used to support ground assets or protect the much larger Europian VTOL Transport from incoming enemy fire.

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