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Europian Speedboat

Europian Speedboat

Europian Speedboat




United Republic of Europia


United Republic of Europia

Propulsion Engine

Motor Propellers

Special Equipment

1x Knightmare Frame (optional)

Number of Crew

1x Captain
1x Sailor


Claus Warwick
Ashley Ashra
Leila Malcal
Akito Hyuga

The Europian Speedboat was a civilian luxury speedboat built by the United Republic of Europia and used by the WZERO team. Although a civilian vehicle, it was later repurposed as a unconventional Knightmare carrier.

Design and Specifications[]

This red speedboat boasts exceptional speed and agility for high-end Europian personnel. It's interior showcased sophisticated navigational equipment and its large, open-spaced, flat-deck stern is large enough to house a small aircraft or, in the events of Code Geass: Akito the Exiled, a single Alexander Knightmare Frame.

The boat was later sailed by Claus Warwick to quickly evacuate both Leila Malcal and Akito Hyuga from Shin Hyuga Shaing as a makeshift getaway vehicle. The boat was fortunately big enough that Akito was able to jump on the stern in his Alexander and escape.


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