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Europian SAM Vehicle

Europian SAM Vehicle

Europian SAM Vehicle


Surface-to-Air Missile Vehicle


United Republic of Europia


United Republic of Europia

Propulsion Engine

Six Wheeled Drive


8x Surface-to-Air Missiles

Special Equipment

Smoke Launchers

Number of Crew

1x Driver
1x Gunner
1x Technician

The Europian SAM Vehicle is the United Republic of Europia's principled and primary form of anti-air defense.

Design and Specifications[]

Resembling a six-wheeled drive APC. The Europian SAM Vehicle is a dangerous and formidable vehicle deployed by the forces of the EU against Britannian aircraft and aerial Knightmare Frames.

Unlike conventional SPAAGs (Self-Propelled Anti-Air Gun) which is only useful for low-altitude aircraft, the SAM Vehicle carries eight advance fire-and-forget SAMs against high-altitude targets.

Nevertheless, it is otherwise defenceless against assaulting ground assets, requiring other armoured vehicles to defend it.


  • Despite the importance for air defence, the SAM Vehicle is a surprisingly rare vehicle in Code Geass.
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