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Europian IFV

Europian IFV

Europian IFV


Infantry Fighting Vehicle


United Republic of Europia


United Republic of Europia


7 meters

Propulsion Engine

Six Wheeled Drive


1x Frontal Autocannon

Special Equipment

Smoke Launchers

Number of Crew

1x Diver


A dozen soldiers

The Europian IFV is the United Republic of Europia's equivelent to Britannia's Armoured Personnel Carriers.

Design and Specifications[]

Unlike the APC, an IFV mounts a larger gun at the expanse of carrying fewer troops. The role of an IFV as such, is to give infantry firing support whilst still having the space to ferry troops around.

The Europian IFV as such, provides such needed support. The vehicle has a slope design to deflect incoming fire whilst it possess a dual snow shovel on both ends of the vehicle in case of heavy snow, debris or sand when the EU is fighting across the Afro-Eurasian supercontinent.

For offense, it mounts a single turreted autocannon which can deal against other infantry and light vehicles, but may struggle against heavier armour.

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