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Euliya (エウリア Euria) was a former member of the Geass Order and the lover of Orpheus Zevon.

Character Outline[]

Euliya and Orpheus met during their time at the Geass Order and helped him endure the hellish days of his time there. In addition, they also met Toto, Clara, and Rolo. At some point in time, the two planned a successful escape from the Geass Order and fled to an unmarked village in Hungary. There, she learned how to cook and sew from the women of the village and helped them in making traditionally crafted embroidery to help the village bring income. Though the two were poor, they were still happy with their new life.

Unfortunately, this happiness would not last. Pluton, under orders from V.V. to kill the two escaped Geass users, attacked the village. During their raid, Euliya was fatally injured protecting Orpheus, and died in his arms. Her final words were telling Orpheus to live. With her death, Orpheus swore revenge on the members of Pluton who had attacked the village.

Sometime later, Oiagros visited with Oldrin and encountered what appeared to be the spirit of the deceased Eulyia.


  • Orpheus' motivation to avenge Euliya by destroying the Pluton members who killed her is a parallel to Lelouch's mission to destroy Britannia for his mother's death and Nunnally's loss of sight and mobility. Nunnally and Euliya also have a somewhat similar appearance.
    • Euliya is also a fitting parallel for Shirley. Kind and gentle girls in love with an orphan boy with a powerful Geass who was seperated from his sister, and also were betrayed said lover's adopted younger sibling and killed. Orpheus' revenge mission against Pluton in some ways mirrors Lelouch's attack on the Geass Order.
  • Euliya's name is somewhat similar to the name of Greek mythology's Orpheus' lover, Eurydice. The story is a well-known tragedy, Orpheus bargaining Hades and Persephone to bring her back from the Underworld to which Hades agreed so long as Orpheus did not look back before they had left the land of the dead. They made it all the way, but Orpheus turned to look at Eurydice before her feet had touched the land and she was pulled back to the Underworld, never to be found by Orpheus again.