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The Equus (エクウス, Ekūsu) is a sixth generation Knightmare Frame prototype that appears in the Nintendo DS game. KMF is named after the Latin word for "horse"

Design and Specifications[]

A strange looking Knightmare, the Equus has four legs instead of two, giving it a somewhat centaur-like appearance. Ganabati Peace Mark's resident engineer and Merchant surmises that it is a predecessor to the Vercingetorix owing to the uses of the same materials and technology , although it lacks the latter's ability to transform.

Although it lacks Landspinners, there are small wheels under its hooves. The Factsphere sensor is located on the head and it has a mechanical tail for reasons unknown other than for aesthetic pruposes. Its armanents consist of a giant mace for close combat; used to demolish buildings and other enemy assets. And pair of cannons on its waist for long range engagement.

It is piloted by Pollux rui Britannia.



General Characteristics

Design Features


  • Mace
  • Cannons (Located in the waist)


  • Equus is the latin name for horse. Given the centaur-like appearance of the Knightmare, the name suits it.
  • The Equus is the only known 6th generation knightmare, although its canonicity is vague.


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