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Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements activating its Energy Wing System during the Second Battle of the Tokyo Settlement against the Valkyrie Squadron.

The Energy Wing System (エネルギーウィングシステム, Enerugī Uingu Shisutemu) was developed by Cécile Croomy of the Camelot Research Group. It exists as a new, experimental, and highly advanced Float System. Data gathered from the captured Guren Flight-Enabled Version was used as the basis for development. When the Energy Wing System was completed, the end result was the creation of the first ever Ninth-Generation Knightmare Frame: the Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements.

Although the Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements was retrieved by Kallen Kōzuki and the Order of the Black Knights, the Camelot Research Group would go on to incorporate the Energy Wing System into their own Knightmare Frame, the Lancelot Albion. Even though both Knightmare Frames would later be destroyed in battle, the Energy Wing System has gone on to be included in subsequent Knightmare Frames, such as the Guren Type Special and the Lancelot siN.

Design and Development[]

The Energy Wing System was created to be an evolution of the Air Glide System that was first developed by Rakshata Chawla, the head of the Black Knights' research and development team. The theory of the Energy Wing System is based upon the idea of oscillating the Blaze Luminous from the base of a Knightmare Frame. Once achieved, the Blaze Luminous takes the form of luminescent wings (complete with "feathers"), allowing for ultra high-speed movements. When activated, the Energy Wing System, features a characteristic rippling effect that causes the air around the Knightmare Frame to create a ring of light that mimics the color of the energy wings.

When the Energy Wing System was incorporated into the Lancelot Albion, it received two critical upgrades that were unique to Albion. Firstly, the Albion's energy wings showcased the ability to fire crystalline, energy-based projectiles, that were capable of destroying numerous Knightmare Frames in seconds. Secondly, the Albion displayed the ability to produce afterimages of itself through use of the Energy Wing System, this being used by Suzaku Kururugi to confuse and ultimately defeat Bismarck Waldstein, the Knight of One.


The Energy Wing System performs exponentially well in combat, enabling the user to maneuver flawlessly at high speeds while destroying multiple enemies in a short amount of time, drastically altering the course of most battles in their favor. At its debut, the Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements displayed the ability to perform several high-speed maneuvers in a matter of seconds during the Second Battle of the Tokyo Settlement, destroying the Valkyrie Squadron in an instant and even defeating Luciano Bradley (a member of the Knights of the Round) with relative ease.

Alternatively, the Lancelot Albion displayed similar results with its Energy Wing System, as it was used to dispatch the Knights of the Round along with their personal forces during the Uprising and later to defend against several members of the Order of the Black Knights, which included the Shen Hu and Zangetsu, piloted by Li Xingke and Kyoshiro Tohdoh respectively.