Full Name: Elizabeth
Nicknames: Eliza

Status: Cat
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black and White
Eye Color: Green

Nationality: Europia United
Real World
First Appearance: The Wyvern Arrives (episode)
Last Appearance: To Beloved Ones (episode)
Created By: CLAMP
Other Info:
See Leila Malcal
Elizabeth (エリザベート, Erizabēto) nicknamed Eliza (エリザ, Eriza) is Leila Malcal's pet feline.


Eliza is a black cat with a white "boot" patch on her front left paw and her eyes are bright green. She wears a dark red collar with a golden heart charm on it.

Character HistoryEdit

Akito the ExileEdit


  • Her personality seems to be almost the opposite of Arthur's, who is overall friendly but has a habit of attacking her owner, Eliza seems, initially at least, to only be endeared to Leila and Akito, as she ran from and hissed at Anna who was taking care of her while Leila was away.
  • Funny enough, her one white paw is the same paw that Arthur injured and had wrapped in white bandage by Euphemia.
  • She is drawn and animated as distincly more cat-like than Arthur.
  • She is seen in the credits or Re;surrection, approaching Arthur and Suzaku-Zero at the Fuji Mauseleum. She is the only Akito character to appear in the movie.


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