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The Einberg (アインベルク, Ainberuku) are an order of elite knights in Neo Britannia directly under the Emperor. They consist of six Weissritter that accel in strategy and five Scwarzritter that accel in practical combat. Each member is given the title corresponding to a chess piece, and each commands their own territory and order of knights.


Weissritter Image
Norland von Lunebelg - Weiss King NorlandFace
Catherine Sabathra - Weiss Queen CatherineFace
Stanley Vonbraun - Weiss Bishop Stanley-Face
Divock Merte - Weiss Rook DivockFace
Heath Lott - Weiss Knight HeathFace
Greede Kirkwayne - Weiss Pawn GreedeFace
Schwarzritter Image
Narah Vaughn - Schwarz Queen Narah-Face
Walther Lindstedt - Schwarz Bishop WaltherFace
Christoph Scissorman - Schwarz Rook Christoph-Face
Arnold Renck - Schwarz Knight ArnoldFace
Gran Kirkwayne - Schwarz Pawn GranGun