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Edgar N. Darlton (エドガー N ダールトン, Edogā N Dāruton) was one of the Glaston Knights' and adoptive son of Andreas Darlton. He's voiced by Bryce Papenbrook in English version.



Character History[]

First Season[]

Along with other the Glaston Knights' members, Edgar makes his first appearance in the episode, Declaration at the School Festival and then contributes in beating the Black Knights during their Assault on the Tokyo Settlement.

Second Season[]

He first appears in the second season when Zero makes his return. He is then seen with the Glaston Knights during the execution of the black knights. After Kallen kills Alfred, he motions to get revenge, but is stopped by Claudio due to the risk of starting a war with the Chinese Federation. Later when Gino Weinberg goes to personally test the security of the Viceroy's Palace in Area 11, Edgar engages him in battle along with Claudio. They appear to be outmatched and when the fight is halted by Suzaku, Edgar is displeased by this. When Zero declares the second battle of Tokyo, Edgar and the rest of the members of the Glaston Knights

Glaston Knights - Edgar Death

Edgar's death from Tohdoh's slash to his Gareth.

join the Britannian Army in the struggle. The death of his brother and comrade, David, made him very angry and Tohdoh used this chance to cut his Gareth in half which in turn killed Edgar in the explosion.