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Dreadnought-class Carrier-Battleship

Dreadnought-class Carrier-Battleship

Dreadnought-class Carrier-Battleship




Britannian Navy


Holy Britannian Empire

Propulsion Engine



3x Naval Guns
1x Bow-mounted 6-by-4 VLS
2x Bow-mounted 3-by-3 VLS

Special Equipment

Britannian VTOL Gunships
Britannian Jet Fighters

Number of Crew

1x Captain
1x First Mate
Few Thousand Sailors
Several Hundred Marines
Few Hundred Engineers
Few Hundred VTOL/Fighter Jet Pilots

The Dreadnought-class Carrier-Battleship is one of the most powerful and largest naval warship constructed by the Holy Britannian Empire. It has a different design than the stock-standard Britannian Carrier-Battleships.


True to its name, the Carrier-Battleship is a fusion between an aircraft carrier and a battleship. The Carrier-Battleship is a trimaran vessel with up to four launch catapults.

It is heavily armed as well, boasting three double-barrelled naval guns and multiple VLRS on the frontal end of warship. Its large size allows it to carry a plethora of VTOLs and Jet Fighters, easily overwhelming defenses from lesser powers.


  • The term carrier-battleship is used to describe a battleship with some aircraft carrying duties. During the Cold War, the USSR used carrier-battleships or carrier-cruisers instead of trueborne aircraft carriers as part of their doctrine involving their SSBNs.
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