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Mario Disel (マリオ・ディゼル Mario Diezeru) or Maya Disel (マーヤ・ディゼル Māya Diezeru) are the main protagonists of the Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Lost Stories mobile game. Being either depending on the player's choice, they go by Dōmeki (百目木, Dōmeki) by using the surname of thier Japanese father as a member of the Black Knights. In chapter 8, they joined the Holy Britannian Empire army as a double agent for Zero, under the surname of their adoptive mother, Garfield (ガーフィールド, Gāfīrudo). After the events of Black Rebellion, they begin to search for Lelouch's whereabouts from within.



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The Protagonist is a quiet person who keeps to themselves. Disel tries to calmly examine the situation around them and spend a lot of time gathering their own thoughts. They toughly hate Britannia for the death of their parents and have faith in Lelouch's ability to take on and defeat the empire. Despite there stoic personality they are kind and caring towards people who show kindness but deep down they struggle to understand there missing memory causing them to worry even questioning how they could of forgotten there little sister and aunt. Upon learning the truth behind there family demise they became depressed for a short period only to gain new resolve to change the world for the better, to make sure no one would suffer. They were willing to bear the sins of the world to make it happen.

Character Outline[]

Mario or Maya Disel was born to Soichiro Dōmeki, a Japanese father and Vaniella Dōmeki a Britannian mother, both of which conducted research on energy fillers in Shizouka; however, they both died during the Britannian invasion of Japan. The details of the event are unknown, with the protagonist themselves having forgotten most of their childhood, including the existence of their aunt and little sister, for unknown reasons. Regardless, this left him/her with a deep hatred of Britannia. He/She was later adopted by Clarice Garfield, who apparently worked under their parents when they were alive.

Mario & Hina (Lost Stories)
Hina Origami (Lost Stories)

Hina giving the protagonist an origami crane.

At some point, the protagonist started bringing food to a group of Japanese orphans living in the ghetto, becoming especially close to a girl named Hina. In the past he/she was given an origami crane by Hina, but told not to open it. The protagonist's tendency of ditching school to go to the ghetto as well as their antisocial behavior has gotten him/her labeled as a delinquent. Though, despite this, they manage to keep their grades high.

Character History[]

Chapter 1 - Awakening of Vengeance[]

After turning down an invitation from another student to hang out, Disel bumps into Lelouch and Rivalz, dropping an origami crane given to them by Hina. Lelouch recognizes it, but, shocked that a britannian knows about Origami, Disel picks it up and flees. Later Disel ends up cutting school to go bring food to Hina and her friends. Before he leaves, in the court yard, the protagnists overhears, Shirley, Milly, & Nina talking about Lelouch and Rivalz.

Hina's Death (Lost Stories)

Hina's death.

After going to the ghetto, The protagonist plays with them for while, but when the Britannian's assualt on Shinjuku begins, the building hey are in collapses and the children are all killed by the rubble. Devastated, the protagonist wanders around Shunjuku. Discovering a knightmare that one of the terrorists abandoned, Disel gets inside and begins operating it, taking out several Britannian soldiers and getting the attention of the person commanding the terrorists. He continues to fight until the white knightmare appears and attempts to distract it long enough for the person commanding the terrorist to fell, but he is defeated and forced to eject. Upon ejecting, the parachute doesn't open and Disel is knocked out by the resulting crash.

Coming to Disel learns that their ejection unit was mistaken as a Britannian one and was taken to the G-1 . Using the opportunity, Disel sneaks away with the intent to find and kill Clovis, but they arrive at the command room just in time to overhear Lelouch reveal his true identity. Disel manages to put together that Lelocuh was the one leading the terrorists before witnessing Lelouch before kill Clovis. Shocked that Lelouch would kill Clovis despite their shared blood, Disel unintentionally makes a noise, alerting Lelouch to their presence, They quickly flee, but accidentally leave behind the same origami swam from earlier.

After getting home, Clarice is worried about them, but Disel brushes her off and goes to their room before crying at the death of the children.

Chapter 2 - Contract with a Devil[]

Disel gets up late and goes to the kitchen to see a breakfast left for them by Clarice. They ends up skipping school and is confronted about it that night by Clarice, but they gets angry at her and tells her to leave them alone. before going back to their room.

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Hina's message

The next day, Disel once again skips school and is contracted by Lelouch who request to speak with them about their absences. The two meet alone in the Student council room and discuss his absences before the subject changes to their true identities. The two discuss each other's motivations and backstories before agreeing to work together to defeat Britannia. Lelouch returns Disel's origami crane revealing that he read what was written inside which was simply the phrase "I love you big brother/sister".

The following day, Disel meets Lelouch in the morning to speak with him about what comes next, but is rebuffed as Lelouch believes it best they avoid each other at school. Unfortunately for this plan, they are spotted by Milly, and Lelouch makes up that they recently found out that they both play the same game and bonded over it. Seeing Lelouch make a new friend motivates Milly to induct Disel into the student council. As she leaves, Lelouch laments his miscalculation but praises them for going along with his excuse. He says they can keep up the appearance of being good friends, but warns Disel that their actions can negatively affect the people they care about if they aren't careful. Lelouch reassures them that his preparations are already under way though and for to wait for now.

Later that day, even though Disel turns her down thinking they aren't suited, Milly brings them in anyway alongside Kallen. Shortly after being greeted by the members, Nunnally arrives, and after being informed she is Lelouch's sister, quickly realizes she is who Lelouch is fighting for based on her condition. As they later watch the announcement that Prince Clovis has been killed, they surmise that if Britannia is making the announcement now, it means they caught their culprit. However, since Lelouch is going free, they wonder what is being planned. When they reveal the suspect is Suzaku Kururugi, they notice Lelouch react to that.

Chapter 3 - To Live as a Britannian[]

Chapter 4 - Strength to Oppose an Empire[]

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Mario at the Black Knights debut

Chapter 5 - Mother and Child[]

Chapter 6 - An Azure Moon Lights the Way[]

Chapter 7 - Distance from the Truth[]

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Mario reconciling with Clarice

Chapter 8 - Blade of Treachery[]

Chapter 9 - Feeling Lost[]

Chapter 10 - On a Closed-Off Island[]

Chapter 11 - Thinking of Loved Ones[]

Chapter 12 - Running Wild[]

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Mario's photo with Clarice at the school festival

Chapter 13 - The Black Rebellion[]

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Mario after rescuing Clarice



Lelouch vi Britannia[]

The Protagonist's relationship with Lelouch in the beginning was turbulent at best, as both of them only saw each other as tools to achieve their share goal. To destroy Britannia, they prove instrumental in helping Lelouch form the Black Knights, being the first member and the first person to know his identity as Zero. The protagonists also shares many similarities with Lelouch - something he pointed out. Lelouch slowly trusts the protagonists and vice versa to the point of asking them to infiltrate the Britannia military as a spy. They ended up forming a strong relationship as time went on, to the point they even worried for Lelouch after the Black Rebellion, wondering what became of him. Both of them ended up view each other as friends and as a means to an end. After reuniting with the rest of the Black Knights, they continued to work together again and Lelouch trusts them enough with important tasks and placed them in the Zero Squad and learning of Geass and CC role. They would be separated again when the protagonist is captured by Carly. They would reunited again after Lelouch is betrayed by the Black Knights. They would apologize to Lelouch for not being there when they were needed, in turn Lelouch understood the protagonists had their own circumstances. Showcasing their strong bond as Lelouch even ask if their contract they made in the student council room is still valid which they acknowledged showing that they plan to stick by him after everything that happened. Soon they along side Suzaku would plan the Zero Requiem.

Suzaku Kururugi[]

Disel views Suzaku as both a friend and an enemy. Before learning of Suzaku's identity as the pilot of the Lancelot, they were very sympathetic towards Suzaku as a fellow Japanese being discriminated against by Britannia. However, upon learning that Suzaku is the pilot of the Lancelot, the protagonist became conflicted over their view of him, even apologizing for leading them into a trap. When Suzaku disappeared on the island, they worried about his safety and wanted to be part of the search for him. The protagonist also worried about Suzaku's mental health after the death of Euphemia.

Months after the Black Rebellion and reuniting, the protagonist noticed a strong change of personality and became wary of Suzaku, worrying that he knew they were a spy sent by Lelouch. Despite being enemies, the protagonist worried a great deal about Suzaku, still viewing them as a friend. They would reunite once again in C's World where he would finally figure out their allegiance. They would start the Zero Requiem along with him and Lelouch.

Kallen Kōzuki[]

Kallen and the Protagonist view each other as great friends and comrades due to their shared experiences as half-Britannian, half-Japanese individuals with initially strained relationships with their female guardians. In the beginning, both of them question each other about their motives about fighting against Britannia. Upon learning about both of them shared the same background of being half-Britannian and half-Japanese, both of them bonded quickly and worry about a great deal for one and another. They worried about Kallen after the Black Rebellion and wondered if they were okay.


Clarice Garfield[]

The Protagonist's Britannian adoptive guardian, who took them in following the Britannian invasion of Japan. While Disel is grateful to Clarice for taking them in, their bitterness towards Britannia bleeds through in their interactions, leading the protagonist to often be short and rude when interacting with her and brushing off her concern for them. However, they acknowledge that this behavior is wrong and desire to correct it. With the encouragement of Lelouch, Kallen, and others, they reconcile and begin growing a better relationship. Clarice was strongly opposed to Mario/Maya joining the military, but came to accept it nonetheless, she continued to worry about their safety. During the second Special Administrative Region Joanna attempted to kill Clarice only to be stop by Disel wearing a Zero costume. Clarice recognized who they were and acknowledge the path they have chose. They would reunite again after Disel was saved. When confronted Clarice confirm that she would support their actions no matter what. Before departing, Clarice would present an upgraded and repaint of the Knightmare Frame she designed. She named it "Pendulum" affirming her love of her adopted child and wish for them to be safe.

Carly Disel[]

The Protagonist's aunt who was the older sister of their mother. For some unknown reason, the Protagonist has forgotten all about her. Upon reuniting many years later, they felt great discomfort being around her. Carly feels deep love for them due to being the child of her beloved sister. Due to their skills as a pilot, Carly would often appear on the battlefield pursuing them, greatly enjoying the challenge they could pose to them in a fight. Upon learning that Carly is responsible for the deaths of their parents, they gain a deep hatred for her. This hatred for Carly would intensify immensely upon remembering the incident where they would remember Carly was responsible for killing their parents and sister and witnessing Carly consume their mother's heart, traumatizing them for life forcing them to forget their childhood memories.

Leena Dōmeki[]

Mario/Maya greatly cared for their little sister who they promise to protect her and play with her when she was lonely while their parents are at work. They would become horrified upon knowing that they have forgotten about the existence of their little sister and wondered what happened to her. They would reunite in C's World under the identity of Anone who was created by them as a form of regret for their deaths along side Hina who is fused with her soul. They don't blame their Older Brother/Sister for their deaths, they encourage them to continue on living for the future. Before departing to met with Lelouch, Leena and Hina would tell them they loved them before disappearing.


The Black Knights[]

Though many of the founding members of the Black Knights initially distrusted them due to being with Zero, who refused to reveal his identity, they quickly warmed up after finding a message of thanks for them in Shinjuku. Kaname Ohgi looks out for them, such as letting them spend the night at his place when they did not want to return home, and Shinichiro Tamaki quickly vouched for them upon their return to the Black Knights among those who did not know them. They were also saddened to learn of the deaths of Naomi Inoue and Toru Yoshida during the Black Rebellion when they wondered where they were upon returning to the Black Knights.

As a fellow member of the Zero Squad, they look out for Benio Akagi, and Kagari Savitri personally remodeled the Sougetsu for them upon their return.

Holy Britannian Empire[]

The Protagonist holds a deep and unwavering hatred towards the Britannian Empire, blaming them for killing their family and friends. They initially hated the Britannians as people and wanted to see their downfall, but as they socialized with the student council and some members of the Britannian military, she saw that not all Britannians were evil. They even saved Andreas Darlton, who even begged the protagonist to stop the bloodshed. The protagonist now wants to see the end of the empire, but to help the people.

In particular, they work with and become close with Lloyd Asplund, Cecile Croomy, Schnee Hexen, and Ledo Offen. Schnee and Ledo hold them in high respect, even volunteering for the search party for survivors after the Battle of the Pacific when they went MIA.


Despite having no training, the protagonist is an extremely skilled Knightmare pilot on the same level as Suzaku and Kallen. During their first time in a Knightmare, they were able to defeat multiple Britannian soldiers and they were later able to trade blows with Andreas Darlton and Suzaku, only losing to Suzaku due to energy loss. Their skills would greatly improve over time even matching members of the Knight of Rounds.