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Dimine Gu

Dimine Gu

Zilkhstani Armoured Train


Armoured Train


Kingdom of Zilkhstan


Kingdom of Zilkhstan



Propulsion Engine

Railway Tracks


2x Frontal Quad Cannons
11-22x Flak Turrets
4x 5-by-3 VLS

Special Equipment

10-15x Knightmare Frames

Number of Crew

1x Driver
1x Conductor
Dozen Gunners


Dozen Knightmare Pilots
Several hundred passengers

The Armoured Train Dimine Gu is a military train used by the Kingdom of Zilkhstan to ferry troops, equipment and Knightmare Frames across the country.

Design and Specifications[]

The Dimine Gu is a heavily armed and defended train, especially when compared to the Britannian counterpart.

Whilst the length of the train varies by the amount of cars it is attatched to, what is known is that six cars (three on one end and three on the other) are armoured and armed. On each end of the train lies two locomotives which carries a quad-barrelled frontal cannon for anti-armour purposes. These locomotives itself is supported by three flak turrets, two on the side and one at the rear to provide a 360 degree field of anti-air fire.

After the locomotives are two VLS missile cars, these cars house a 5-by-3 VLS configuration, meaning they can carry up to 15 missiles for each car. Given the configuration of four total VLS missile cars, this gives a total of 60 missiles armed and ready. The cars themselves are protected by an additional four flak turrets each.


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