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Damian Hemworth (ダミアン・ヘムワース Damian Hemuwāsu) is the third son of the Hemworth family, who are an accomplished family of Knights.


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Damian is an arrogant young man, who believes that piloting Knightmare Frames is a privilege reserved for nobility.

Character History[]

Damian participated in the exams to enter into the military held in Area 11 following Narita. Upon hearing that General Darlton had arranged a mock battle for the commoner entrants, he brought together the other noble entrants to request that the mock battle be between the commoner and the noble class of entrants. Though the nobles were greatly outnumbered by the commoners in this case, Darlton agreed due to their confidence in their abilities.

Though Damian and the other nobles seemed to be easily besting the commoners, they eventually found themselves against the last entrant. After quickly turning their numbers against and eliminating the others, Damian faced the last commoner entrant, lost his temper at their provocation, and was defeated.

When Damian attempted to get a rematch, he was scolded by Darlton and told his behavior was unbecoming and relented.