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Dalque (ダルク, Daruku) is a dark-skinned girl who serves as point man for the Irregulars. She possesses a Geass ability known as "The Power," which augments her physical strength by exaggerating the magnitude of macroscopic forces. When her ability is active, a Geass sigil appears upon her forehead. Her Knightmare Frame cockpit is installed with Geass Conductor that allow expression of this ability as a highly effective frame strength enhancer. After the final battle she reluctantly helps at the Ashford Academy which have been used as a refugee camp for the time being with her former Irregulars members.


In the manga, Dalque is shown to be the most mischievous and she also seems to be enjoying combat more compared to her other Sisters, during battle she can be seen laughing and taunting her enemy but she is also the laziest person in the group and will refuse any troublesome order from Sancia.


Dalque 2

Dalque with her Geass activated

Dalque is arguably the most powerful person in the group serving as one of the pointman for the Irregular Dalque had overcome many adversary, her Geass "The Power" which augments her physical strength by exaggerating the magnitude of macroscopic forces to perform an impossible act such as lifting an entire building. during a skirmish in Area 5 her Knightmare can lift an entire building and throw it with the help from her Geass to crush the last remaining enemy combatant in that area, it is commented by Sancia that even without her Geass she is already strong for a girl her age.


She Pilot her own Variant of GX 01 Knightmare Frame until it is destroyed by Cardinal Rolo vi Britannia during the subsequent hunt for Alice.